Blown-in Fiber Glass Insulation

Insulation products improve building energy efficiency and reduce building energy consumption for the life of the structure. As a result, they help conserve nonrenewable energy sources, decrease dependence on foreign oil and lower greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the recycled content of approved fiber glass insulation meets the EPA Recovered Material Guideline for fiber glass products, 20-25% consisting of pre-consumer and post-consumer glass cullet.

As homeowners and municipalities become more environmentally conscious, contractors, inspectors and other building professionals are more likely to be asked about adhering to green building standards. Approved insulation products can play an important role in helping a building meet these standards. Premiere Roofing and Carpentry, Inc. is an approved applicator of several manufacturers that focus on improving the energy efficiency of buildings and the products used in their construction.


General Information about Insulation
  • A typical pound of fiber glass insulation saves twelve times energy in its first year in place as the energy used to produce it.
  • Approved insulation products improve building energy efficiency, helping to lower energy costs throughout the life of the structure.
  • Fiber glass insulation products improve acoustical performance and improve overall comfort of buildings.
  • Fiber glass insulation lasts for the life of the building, with no maintenance required.
  • Fiber glass insulation is currently made with an average of 35% recycled glass.

Architects, builders, contractors, manufacturers and distributors continue to look for ways to reduce our industry’s impact on the environment while meeting customer demand for products that deliver beauty, comfort and performance. As a product that helps reduce the energy needed to heat and cool homes and businesses, CertainTeed Insulation is in the forefront of these efforts.
Our commitment is reflected here, highlighting our ongoing effort to become the preeminent supplier of green building materials.


Fiber glass insulation — The original green building material.

Fiber glass insulation products by their very nature improve building energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption for the life of the structure, conserving nonrenewable resources, decreasing dependence on foreign oil and lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Sand, an inert, abundant and rapidly renewable resource, is the primary raw material used to make fiber glass. Yet recycled glass has become a significant component of fiber glass products and is representative of an ongoing effort to reduce the impact on pristine natural resources. Fiber glass insulation products average 35% recycled glass content (pre- and post-consumer), well exceeding the 20-25% EPA Recovered Material Guideline.